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Our goal is to teach you and your teams to unlock Leadership, Team and Business skills beyond inspiration, motivation and abstract, complicated jargon. You will create applicable real-world and practical strategies for immediate implementation, impact and results. 

We specialize in business and leadership development for small business entrepreneurs, government agencies, universities and corporate industry leaders.

How We Can Help Your Business...

Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurial Leadership

At The Elixir Edge, we are on a mission to help you build a Business that gives you the Personal Freedom & Financial Growth to Share your Genius, Make an Impact, Create Real Results and live the life you want on your own terms.

All service are customized to meet your business needs to address challenges and produce results.

Corporate Development

Beyond Business Training

At the Elixir Edge, we are dedicated to developing your company’s highly skilled professionals. In today’s innovative, fast paced, creativity focused, competitive environment, organizational culture, team interpersonal, people skills make the difference.

All service are customized to meet your business needs to address challenges and produce results.

How We Build Leadership and Teams


Develop leaders with laser focused on business priorities, inspiring teams’ optimum performance and aligning with the company’s key strategic priorities, performance indicators, and focus on impact and tangible results.

Effective Business Communication

Develop active listening skills, manage distractions and create conflict resolution strategies for effective leadership, optimum performance and team alignment with company initiatives and results.


Create practical initiatives that bring your organization’s vision and mission to life. Get companywide buy in with clear communication, prioritization of projects and focus for results and impact.


When we focus on everything, we focus on nothing! Go from multitasking to working in the zone of maximum results by prioritizing, creating productivity habits, eliminating time wasters, and becoming clear on roles and responsibilities.


Change is the only constant. We can create buy-in and advocacy for change in place of fear and resistance, by involving teams’ input, communicating, listening, anticipating, creating a mitigation plan and addressing concerns.


A sales strategy focuses on a method that adds value, results and impact by focusing on a target market, solving customer problems in an authentic, customer focused approach. Detailed plan and process.

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Success Stories

The Elixir Edge helped to develop our team's morale, productivity and accountability to address our team's specific needs, challenges and strategic direction.
Carlos Pereita
Home Healthcare Resources
Our goal is to franchise, we are now able to see the big picture and become the leader of my business, delegate, manage and develop our team. As a business owner, I don't have to live with my phone next to me 24/7, I can have work life balance and my family and my team is so happy for it.
Lisa Calle
Sip and Sparkle
Maria helped me go from being in the studio all day, to stepping out and becoming the CEO of my company. Now, we have doubled and almost tripled our revenue and the number of clients we serve.
Kurt Asesor
Premier Martial Arts

Are you ready for Business and Leadership Impact and Results?”