How you Can Gain The Elxir Edge

A The Elixir Edge is A business consulting Company that goes beyond Motivation & Training

YOUR zone of genius


Spend less time doing the busy work and spinning your wheels in your business. Focus and gain clarity to spend more time in your Zone of Genius, creating products and services, connecting with clients, closing sales and sharing your passions and talents and Growing your Business.

We focus practical strategies for optimum performance, immediate implementation, impact and results.
We specialize in business and leadership development for small business entrepreneurs, government agencies, universities and corporate industry leaders.

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How you can work with Maria and her team to Gain The Elixir Edge

private coaching

Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind

Business Growth Retreats

How We Build Leadership and Teams


Develop leaders with laser focused on business priorities, inspiring teams’ optimum performance and aligning with the company’s key strategic priorities, performance indicators, and focus on impact and tangible results.

Effective Business Communication

Develop active listening skills, manage distractions and create conflict resolution strategies for effective leadership, optimum performance and team alignment with company initiatives and results.


Create practical initiatives that bring your organization’s vision and mission to life. Get companywide buy in with clear communication, prioritization of projects and focus for results and impact.


When we focus on everything, we focus on nothing! Go from multitasking to working in the zone of maximum results by prioritizing, creating productivity habits, eliminating time wasters, and becoming clear on roles and responsibilities.


Change is the only constant. We can create buy-in and advocacy for change in place of fear and resistance, by involving teams’ input, communicating, listening, anticipating, creating a mitigation plan and addressing concerns.

Results Focused

Build and support teams that have each other’s back to be innovative, contribute, grow and become aligned with business objectives for optimum performance, impact and results.

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